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“Campus Compact has provided invaluable support for service-learning at our institution, particularly the website, resource materials, syllabi, conferences (including regional conferences), program development tools, publications, model program information, newsletter, calendar of service events, and annual statistics.”                          –Tidewater Community College

“Our campus participates in Campus Compact because it is another way that we can learn from what other campuses are doing, draw strength in numbers, have a collective identity, and not feel like we’re going it alone in this work of engagement as a campus.”                             -Loyola Marymount University

“I consider Campus Compact to be one of the most enlightened and farsighted ventures that American colleges and universities have undertaken in recent years. I tprovides evidence that there are, in the world of higher education, people more than willing to pitch in; people of vision and commitment.”                          -John Gardner, Former US Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare and Former President of Carnegie Corporation

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