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Rock the Vote Census Overview Informational Video

Black Future Lab & Black Census Project

Census Overview in Spanish

2020 Census: This is Me: Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander

Multi-lingual Census PSA (Arabic)

Census 2020 and Higher Education Panel Discussion

View these other videos to use in discussions and dialogue based around the Census:

The Census is In Trouble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZTD-00H1jE&list=PLYBAk9JCpNmHDdCDirjm1uYITZ1mhn2FI&index=1

Challenges to the 2020 Censushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y6PI3EtA54


Kids Count! Educating Kids on the Census

PBS Minnesota Census 2020 Season 1 Episode 1:  https://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/3031263090/



PBS Minnesota Census 2020 Season 1 Episode 2: https://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/3031263244/


  • Based on an intensive listening project engaging members of historically under-counted communities in Minnesota,  Grassroots Solutions created two reports as part of the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership:  The Plan for Engaging Historically Undercounted Communities in Minnesota in the 2020 Census & Key Themes and Sample Messages to Guide Communication about the Census in Minnesota’s Historically Undercounted Communities  The Census Mobilization Partnership encourages broad and consistent use of the messages, themes, and strategies referenced here.


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Does this Census Spark Joy? We’re back with season 4 of #CompactNationPod! Catch up with what’s going on with the Compact. Later in the episode, we focus on Census 2020 as we talk to Susan Brower, the Minnesota State Demographer (don’t worry–you’ll find out what that means!). Learn more about the importance of the census for ensuring good government and good public policy locally and nationally. Plus, learn how campuses can help to ensure a complete count both on their campus and across the country more broadly. We close the episode with a new segment as the hosts discuss what’s currently sparking joy in their lives.

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