How the Census Works

How It Works

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  • The census takes place starting April 1, 2020
      • It’s based on the address where someone is living/staying on that specific day.


  • First, people will be asked to complete an online or phone census form.
      • Those who don’t respond will receive a paper form in the mail.
      • For those who don’t complete the mail-in paper form, Census enumerators, people from your area who are being employed by the Census, will come to your door to help you fill out the census.
        • Remember, counting every person is important: The Census determines the ditribution of up to $675 billion in federal funding to states, counties, and even your local community where you live, work, and play. ( Every community should get their due share. Every person not counted can lead to a loss of up to $20,000 in your community over a ten year period!
  • It is NOT based on your “permanent address” or who might claim you as a dependent on their taxes.
      • Students who live on campus in residence halls will have their census information completed for them by their college or university.
      • Everyone else must complete one census form on their own for all the people living at their address (including college students living off-campus).
        • You should include every single person who resides under the roof on April 1st. This includes: