Coronavirus Resources



Marietta College Covid-19 Community Needs Webpage Hub

        • Nonprofit organization  needs for donations, financial support, and volunteering
        • Resources for nonprofits
        • Civic engagement information
        • Ways to support local businesses


CatchaFire Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Find a list of virtual volunteer opportunities to aid nonprofit organizations around the world. Find opportunities that fit your skills set.

Bonner Community Engagement Opportunities

The Bonner Center created a form that will pair at-need nonprofit organizations with students to provide direct service and capacity-building support for the organization

Budmen Printed Face Shield Program

Budmen Industries is leading the charge to produce 3D printed devices to support health care workers. Registrants can download the 3D Face Shield files. Package includes 3D models, templates and assembly instructions. If you are willing to produce 3D face shields for health care workers battling COVID-19 please register so we can connect you with a health care facility in need.

Community Engagement Resources



Community Engagement and Campus Learning During Social Distancing

        • Peace First Rapid Response Grants

          • Peace First is launching a rapid response grant process to help young people around the world lead projects that address community impacts of COVID-19, from providing meals to elderly neighbors to launching digital mental health campaigns to support youth feeling isolated. Rapid response grants are open to young people between the ages of 13-25, anywhere in the world, starting today. Learn more and apply here:
          • They’re offering mini-grants of up to $250, mentorship, and project support to young people leading initiatives to address secondary effects of COVID-19 in their communities.
        • “Civic Engagement Opportunities During Social Distancing”




Acting for the Common Good


YSA (Youth Changing the World) has a wonderful list of how to serve others in the midst of physical distancing and wonderful resources to get started!

Reducing Racism and Xenophobia


Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness tips for questions such as:

      • ” I’m quarantining or working from home – lonely and isolated even further – what can I do?”
      • “I don’t have health insurance or a regular doctor – how can I get care?”
      • “My loved one is incarcerated – are they at increased risk of contracting Covid-19?”
      • “I am having a lot of anxiety because of coronavirus, please help.”


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has amazing resources for all, including:

      • How to take care of your mental health in the midst of uncertainty\
      • How to care for older adults’ mental health
      • Shareable and downloadable “mental health tips” and “self-care strategies” visuals
      • “Mental Health and Covid-19” digital toolkit
      • Radio PSAs and talking points
      • Suicide prevention resources and more!


Talking to Children

Coronavirus Student Guide lesson for middle and high school students by “Share my Lesson”

How To Talk To Children about Coronavirus