What We Do

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Campus Compact’s commitment to the public purposes of higher education drives our approach to engagement with communities. We develop and facilitate partnerships between higher education and communities that produce impact on issues that matter. We view colleges and universities as anchor institutions–-rooted to place and interdependent with surrounding communities. In support of that vision, Campus Compact builds partnerships to test innovative practices and actively disseminates knowledge about effective approaches.

We provide:

  • Sample tenure and promotion policies that support engaged teaching and research
  • Knowledge hubs for activity related to an institution’s role as an anchor in the community, such as purchasing, employment, and real estate development
  • Civic Action Planningresources for colleges and universities committed to aligning assets with institutional values and public mission
  • Models for building strong foundations to advance shared campus and community goals including educational equity
  • Professional development that enables community engagement professionals to work from a basis of existing research and best practices

Our member campuses turn to us for models and resources to enable them to cultivate in their students civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Our approach recognizes the power of experiential civic learning and the necessity of prompting students to augment good intentions with an understanding of context and policy. Our work is grounded in a fundamental respect for students as agents of change, including change in their own learning environments. From our perspective, colleges and universities teach students not only through formal curricula but also by modeling the values and practices essential to sustaining democracy. Through Campus Compact resources, our members become more effective in both forms of teaching.

We provide:

  • Sample syllabi for community-based instruction and service-learning
  • Toolkits for directing research toward solutions for local, national, and global challenges
  • Publications focused on interdisciplinary pathways for developing student civic competencies and on building depth within academic departments
  • Fellowships for students interested in connecting with others committed to a democratic and equitable future
  • Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award for excellence in engaged scholarship
  • Outlets for publishing engaged scholarship; Pen to Paper Retreat, Partnerships Journal, Missouri State Journal for Service Learning

We are an advocate for higher education’s role in building democracy. We share stories about the ways that colleges and universities are delivering on their mission to provide public value.

We provide:

  • Conferences at the local, regional, and national level that connect member institutions and their partners for shared learning and networking opportunities
  • Resources for assessing and measuring impact on student civic learning and community challenges
  • Opportunities to share stories of innovation and impact through our website, blogs, and social media
  • Featured initiatives that inspire and catalyze institutional involvement in communities

We share what we know from both research and practice to provide our members with the best tools for building democracy through education and community partnerships.

This includes high impact practices for student civic learning and support for the institutional systems, policy, and activities that reinforce that learning and advance the public purposes of higher education. Our coalition is focused on teaching, research, and institutional action in service of the public good.